Poland: New idea for Chorzów stadium presented

source: Niebiescy.pl; author: michał

Poland: New idea for Chorzów stadium presented During yesterday's meeting between city and club officials with supporters a new vision for the future Chorzów stadium was presented. One stand after another a new 12,000-16,000 stadium can be built. Groundbreaking could come in a year from now.


Ruch Chorzów may be one of Poland's two most successful clubs with 14 championships, but in terms of stadium they're near the very end of current Ekstraklasa line-up. This is why supporters of 'Niebiescy' (The Blues) urged authorities to take action several times.

Yesterday the club, Chorzów officials and supporters met for the third time to discuss the new stadium chances. Surprisingly the mayor of Chorzów announced that his office has already signed an agreement with SARP, Polish Architects' Association, to carry out a design competition along clear guidelines, remaining within the city's financial capabilities.

The new stadium should replace current stands at Cicha 6 within a few years, providing construction in phases. One stand after another all should be replaced without the team being forced to play at derby rivals' fields. With 2,000 seats behind each goal and 4,000 along the pitch, complete venue's capacity should be around 12,000. However, architects are demanded to provide room for additional 4,000 seats once the club reaches such demand.

With 12,000 seats it should cost PLN 100 million (or €23m / $30m). Should the plans go ahead as predicted, we should see the design in late October, while detailed project documentation should be delivered around May 2014. Planning application takes up to 65 days, plus tender time needs to be considered. Overall construction of the first end stand may start in July or August 2014.