India: Herd of elephants invaded a stadium

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India: Herd of elephants invaded a stadium This venue used to host the likes of Indira Gandhi, but this weekend elephants were the main attraction. After entering the city of Rourkela and causing minor destruction, wild animals stopped at the stadium and were closed there by locals until evacuation plan was done.


Industrial city of Rourkela in east India has over 500,000 inhabitants and is hardly the best place for wild elephants. No wonder that their trumpeting late into the night caused some panic among citizens, many of whom rushed out of their houses.

The animals walked through several estates before invading local cricket stadium. They destroyed a wall, a few kiosks and three auto-rickshaws in the process. Herd consisted of 11 animals, three of which were calves.

As elephants mostly wander during the night and remain in one location for daytime, they were locked inside the stadium (that once saw Indira Gandhi) and supplied with a variety of fruits to remain calm.

A plan of evacuating them outside the city was drawn in that time, while the creatures became an unexpected attraction for residents.