Euro 2020: More affordable tickets? Depends on host city

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Euro 2020: More affordable tickets? Depends on host city Not every game will be affordable, but UEFA announced a new policy, along which ticket prices for Euro 2020 games will depend on living cost in the host country/city.


13 cities in 13 different countries – this is the expected lineup for Euro 2020. Not only the formula is new, but also ticket pricing policy will be different than so far. During ongoing European Football Fans Congress in Amsterdam UEFA representatives assured the strategy will be more appropriate.

"Ticket prices will be indexed to the living cost in the home country, no matter who is going to play then", said Patrick Gasser, UEFA CSR manager.

What does this mean in practice? The most expensive tickets would be those for games in Norway, Switzerland or Denmark, which are among the world’s most expensive countries. Based on the current Consumer Price Index games played in Serbia, Poland or Albania might be two or even three times cheaper, of course if UEFA retains the proportions of living cost.

None of the officials gave an example of suggested price, which would obviously be premature seven years before the tournament. However, participants of the Congress were assured that UEFA knows their fears of increasing ticket prices making games too exclusive for some people.

UEFA secretary general Gianni Infantino said: "UEFA shares fans concerns that increased ticket prices in the current economic climate are making attending matches unaffordable for many, particularly families. We are striving to find the right balance between providing a legitimate return for the clubs and a fair and affordable price to supporters."

To this end, he cited UEFA's move to guarantee at least some cheaper tickets for UEFA Champions League matches. "Following consultation with the FSE, we have introduced a new more affordable category of ticket for the UEFA Champions League, with over 20% of tickets available in this price category," he said.