Atlanta: Where will the new Falcons Stadium stand?

source: AP; author: michał

Atlanta: Where will the new Falcons Stadium stand? Associated Press has learned that Atlanta Falcons are considering building the new stadium in a different location than planned so far. The reason is not acquiring the entire required plot due to local church asking too much.


Atlanta Falcons have issued a letter to the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, informing about potential change of new stadium location.

Instead of southern side of the Georgia Dome, the 65,000-seater might be erected on the opposite, northern end. This was the initially planned plot, but it was later changed due to poorer access to local transport hub.

So why the decision? Northern plot is state-owned, so is ready for taking. Meanwhile land on the southern side requires buying back and apparently the local Friendship Baptist Church asks for much too much - $24.5 million instead of the offered $15.5 million.

Is the Falcons’ letter true willingness to shift work or just a show-off for the church to break and accept the cheaper offer? We may know this sooner than later as tomorrow sees the deadline for striking deal with the church.