New stadiums: Vac, Sopron and Százhalombatta

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New stadiums: Vac, Sopron and  Százhalombatta Three interesting stadiums from Hungary make our first addition to that country's presentation in many, many months. We recommend checking especially the Sopron stadium with old-school shopping centre behind one goal.


Ligeti Stadion

Ligeti StadionPhoto:

Built back in 1967, the stadium near Danube's bank has its best times long gone. When it hosted the USSR oldboy team, some 15,000 people were cheering. Similar attendances were reported in 1990s, but with the town's modest size the demand is no longer as big.

As a memory of the 'better times' the stadium retained its shape, administration building and floodlights, later receiving 4,500 seats.

Káposztás utcai Stadion

Kaposztas Utcai StadionPhoto: philmensch (cc: by-nc)

Stadium on the Cabbage Street (as Káposztás ut translates) is the lrgest in the town of Sopron. It was built in 2003 (replacing old stadium, built in 1965) with two concrete stands along the pitch, but has a very unique layout, hardly comparable with any other football venue. It has a shopping centre behind the southern goal, which is visually conjoined with the stands.

Regular capacity of the stadium stands at 5,800, of which 500 is terracing.

Vasút utca Stadion

Vasut utca StadionPhoto:

The small town of Százhalombatta consists of large industrial hubs – power plant and oil refinery – and a housing estate. The latter has a sports complex with main stadium and side pitch joined by tennis courts and swimming pool.

The stadium can host both football and athletics, having one seated stand (four sections in the west) and a modest terrace in the east.