South Africa: FNB Stadium robbed

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South Africa: FNB Stadium robbed The scheme resembles movie scenes from 'Ocean's Eleven', claims Safe at FNB Stadium was broken into just after two lucrative concerts and before money has been even counted.


Last weekend saw Bon Jovi on Saturday and Justin Bieber on Sunday. Both gigs at FNB Stadium had a huge turnout of up to 90,000. But when concert organisers came in the morning to count the concessions' revenues, they found an empty safe and a hole in the wall.

According to Stadium Management South Africa and the police all indications say robbers were insiders in the event host company. They knew the stadium layout and structure, working hours and other logistics. They required a master key and accreditation to get there.

It's also highly probable that perpetrators had spent quite some time inside, removing parts of the multi-layer wall of the safe. Upon entry to the room they only went through very last brick layer.

Organisers refuse to give an estimate on the amount of money inside the safe, but it is understood to be in millions.