Serbia: Vojvodina to invade Belgrade, great initiative for fans

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Serbia: Vojvodina to invade Belgrade, great initiative for fans Wednesday will see first Cup final without either Crvena Zvezda or Partizan since the end of Yugoslavia. The match will still be played in Belgrade and Vojvodina Novi Sad plan an invasion – they’re offering tickets and transport to their fans for free.


Ever since domestic cup finals were played in Serbia and Montenegro, later in Serbia, they always had either Crvena Zvezda or Partizan participating. This time Partizan was eliminated by less known Borac Čačak already in round of 16, while Crvena Zvezda only managed to get a round further, to the quarterfinals.

What sounds like a disaster for fans of the big two is a great chance for others. FK Jagodina and Vojvodina Novi Sad are the finalists who will meet on Wednesday evening inside Stadion Partizan. Fans of Vojvodina have the north end for themselves, while Jagodina got the south.

Vojvodina's appeal in SerbianVojvodina aren’t settling for neutral stadium status, though. The club also known as the Serbian ‘Old Lady’ plan to gain home advantage despite playing away. Being located less than 100km north of Belgrade they plan to bring a lot more fans than Jagodina (almost 200km south).

Management of Vojvodina promised free tickets and transport to Belgrade for everyone who applies. The only thing the club asked for is a declaration upon registration, whether one uses their own transportation or club coaches. website estimates the club will run over 40 buses between Novi Sad and Belgrade on Wednesday in their effort to make Partizan’s stadium white-red.

Vojvodina have every right to be determined as the club is currently regarded as third strongest after Crvena Zvezda and Partizan and has played in 3 finals recently, losing all three to Crvena Zvezda without a single goal. If they manage to win on Wednesday, it will be their first Serbian Cup ever and first piece of silverware since 1989.