Serbia: Another stage of Novi Sad stadium redevelopment began

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Serbia: Another stage of Novi Sad stadium redevelopment began As Serbian newspaper Kurir informs, many fans could hardly accept the fact, that the famous club house of Vojvodina is being destroyed. Its distinctive arcades were welcoming players entering and leaving the pitch for years.


Regularly updated in recent years, Stadion Karađorđe in Novi Sad now entered a new phase, as the club house standing behind western goal has been demolished. It served for club offices and changing room for decades.

A new section with proper infrastructure to meet UEFA's requirements will be built in its place, pushing Vojvodina to play at another local stadium in the meantime. If all goes as planned, this would mean only this season's clash with Crvena Zvezda, because work should be done before 2013/14 campaign begins.

From 2004 renovations are taking place with seats being installed, new running track (2009) or floodlights (2011). Complete redevelopment of three stands is planned for the future with capacity going up to 19,500 seats, all covered.

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