Rotterdam: De Kuip enthusiasts strike back

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Rotterdam: De Kuip enthusiasts strike back Despite Feyenoord’s determination to leave De Kuip and build a new stadium across the street, ‘Save De Kuip’ campaign isn’t giving up. Enthusiasts of reviving the existing De Kuip have just published their extensive report on the idea and will present it to city officials.


In early April we saw Feyenoord submit their 200-page bid for a new 63,000-seat arena to the city hall in Rotterdam. Now a similar effort with an almost 100-page book is made by Red De Kuip, the opposition campaigners who prefer the current stadium being redeveloped.

Their masterplan is called ‘De Kuip 3.0’ and sees third tier being added to match the capacity planned by Feyenoord for the new stadium and a significant improvement of the corporate zones. Also, a new façade is planned to make the stadium’s aesthetics more up-to-date.

Although the club did a lot to dismiss the campaigners as windy and amateurish, their plan will be given an evaluation by city officials. First presented on Friday, the document is to be presented at the city hall on May 28.

One reason for authorities to consider it valid, apart from thousands of club supporters and high-profile backers, is the estimated value. Red De Kuip claim their renovation plan can be delivered within a tight €117 million budget, while the new stadium would come at well over €300 million. Initially set at €313m, the new stadium is now thought to cost some €362m, while construction won’t start until 2016.

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