New designs: Recife and Cariacica

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New designs: Recife and Cariacica First one may seem familiar, because it combines features of several previous works by Tomas Taveira. But the other is a lot more fresh. Cheaper, smaller, but really original!


Arena do Sport

Arena do Sport

This private project was subject to lobbying back in 2011, but only took final shape when the design by Pontual Arquitetos and Tomas Taveira was revealed. The second name has to ring a bell here, since the proposed arena resembles a lot of his previous works, perhaps even too much.

Under club-coloured cladding two-tiered stands are to be found, divided by three levels of commercial skyboxes. Altogether, capacity is expected at some 46,000 people.

However, the new stadium is primarily the outcome of very lucrative location in Ilha do Retiro, where private investors will build two office towers, a shopping centre and hotel, joined by extensive multi-floor parking. The parking will have indoor arena and training pitches atop, while next to it a small complex of swimming pools will be found. This way both commercial and sporting demand should be met, satisfying both Sport do Recife club and the investors.

Demolition of existing stadium should begin in 2013 and the entire complex is to be ready in 2016, possibly kept within the planned R$600 million budget.


Estádio Kléber Andrade

Estadio Kleber Andrade

Old stadium here was opened back in 1983 and was initially planned to hold even 80,000 people. However, due to financial constraints the home side Rio Branco never managed to finalise this dream. The same reason led to the club transferring their stadium to state authorities of Espirito Santo in 2008 for renovation.

Decision was made to completely rebuild the ground. In 2009 design was created and envisaged two massive single-tiered stands holding over 11,000 people each. Both sections are placed along the pitch and running track, leaving vast space for expansion to even 44,000, should demand grow. Most distinctive feature is surely the roof with its circular shape.

Construction started in March 2010 and was due in 20 months, but the deadline was never met. Currently the delivery of this project is expected in February 2014.