London: 85% of surveyed fans support West Ham's move

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London: 85% of surveyed fans support West Ham's move Though the survey itself was called a mockery by many fans, its outcome gives a strong argument to West Ham United. The club now boast that only 5% of fans are against the relocation to Olympic Stadium.


“West Ham United's plan to move to the Olympic Stadium has received the backing of its supporters” - the club declared today, as results of their online poll were published. 85% of fans who took part in the SMG YouGov poll said they supported the move to Olympic Stadium, while further 10% claimed they would consider it.

A total of 89% of supporters surveyed said they would attend either the same number [41%] or more [48%] West Ham United fixtures if the Club moved to Stratford for the start of the 2016/17 season.

Overall 11,858 bond or season ticket holders took part in the survey, though it raised quite a lot of controversy after being published. Though the club called it an 'independent' poll, it was regarded as one strongly marketing the new stadium plan, while discriminating those unsure or sceptical.