Kazan: Stage is here, but the stadium still not ready

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Kazan: Stage is here, but the stadium still not ready Weighing 470 tons, the 2013 Universiade stage will surely raise some eyebrows. But two months before opening ceremony the main stadium is still under construction, delayed and much more expensive...


Initially the Arena Kazan, then called simply the Savinovo stadium (from the eastern district of Kazan) was to be delivered in late 2012.

The plan proved unrealistic and as the city prepares to host thousands of athletes during its first tournament of such magnitude, works are still ongoing both inside and outside the ground.

Workers can be seen on the roof, installing seats, providing all the IT equipment a modern stadium needs to operate and furnishing internal spaces.

The delays is now over half-year long. Future home of Rubin Kazan, the 45,000-seater is expected to be opened on May 9, less than a month before the Universiade opening ceremony kicks off (July 6).

Already now a massive steel pyramid is set on the playing field. It’s where the games will begin. Steel trusses weigh over 470 tons and on the opening day will see fire lit on top.

Delays and changes to the design (though not significant) also mean an increase in  costs. Initially estimated at $330 million (€250 million), the budget is now expected to reach $450 million (€342 million).

Kazan ArenaPhoto: Teamsky