Germany: New stadium for Karlsruher SC? Decision in autumn

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Germany: New stadium for Karlsruher SC? Decision in autumn City mayor and club president met to discuss the future stadium. Whether the outcome will be a new arena or complete revamp of existing Wildparkstadion remains unclear. All possibilities are to be examined by Autumn, according to


With one match to go this season, Karlsruher SC still have the chance to win promotion, having grabbed play-off third spot. But remaining in the top division longer requires a financially viable stadium. Current Wildparkstadion no longer meets the demands and president Ingo Wellenreuther assured short-term solutions won't change much.

This is why Wellenreuther met with mayor Frank Mentrup today to discuss the issue. New stadium being a necessity may be agreed upon, but how should it be done? Relocation or a phased redevelopment of current facilities are among options.

Details should be discussed by the city and club in upcoming weeks. After analysis of all options is done, city council should decide on the preferred solution. This is expected in autumn.