Moscow: VTB Arena a year later

source: /; author: michał

Moscow: VTB Arena a year later Since no World Cup games are to be held here, there's no rush, claims. New stadium for Dinamo Moscow won't be ready until 2017 after redesigning works were done.


“Earlier we were hoping to stage the first game in 2016. But changes connected to not being selected for the World Cup caused a change and we're thinking of 2017 now”, says Andrej Peregudov, chairman of the VTB Arena.

Changes aren't limited to timeline, as we previously wrote. VTB Arena has also been downscaled. The unique stadium will still comprise both a football and hockey arena under one roof (and inside the historical Stadion Dinamo bowl), but the golden 'blob' growing over old wall will be much smaller. Height is 12 meters smaller now and the new arenas fit more into the previous venue.

Also, cost has been cut by nearly 50% and is expected to be within $ 700-750 million. This includes also underground shopping mall, extensive parking facilities and various sports facilities for other sections of Dinamo.

Below we present versions of the same design: from 2011 and the current one. They are both in almost identical scale and share similar angles to show the size and shape difference.

VTB Arena