London: West Ham dropping 107% price increase on disabled supporters


London: West Ham dropping 107% price increase on disabled supporters This was hardly the right way to handle such a sensitive matter. Hammers sent letters to their disabled supporters that they’ll have to pay a lot more for 2013/14 season tickets. Should prices stay at current level (and reductions aren’t common), this would mean 107% more to pay. After ‘feedback’ the club dropped its plans. A Daily Mail report.


In March disabled fans from Upton Park received letters informing about new pricing policy. The club announced their season tickets are to be leveled with the ‘band four’ in upcoming 2013/14 season.

Though no value was given in the statement, many supporters felt this may mean them paying the same amount bodied fans do now, as it’s extremely rare to see prices lowered. If so, the change would see their season at Upton Park cost £600 instead of £290. A massive increase of 107% caused many fans to contact the club.

Vice-chairman Karen Brady admitted that feedback caused West Ham to reconsider their new policy, even though it was a ‘careful’ change, according to her. After review the prices are still expected to go up, but less significantly, by some 50%. This would mean £435 instead of £290.

Justifying the increase, Brady claimed in the letter that season ticket prices for disabled fans at West Ham have not increased, other than by inflation, for the past 21 years.

The club consulted Level Playing Field, the charitable organisation which campaigns for equal and fair access for disabled fans, regarding their pricing policy.

And Level Playing Field vice-president, Chris Bird, said of West Ham's prices: 'Over the years they have been amongst the most competitive.