Libya: 11 new stadiums to be built

source:; author: michał

Libya: 11 new stadiums to be built More information comes on the redevelopment project for Libya's sports infrastructure ahead of 2017 Cup of Nations. A large number of 11 stadia are to be built, three ongoing already. This year the country expects to spend 400 million dinars (over $310m / €240m).


"Just like Nelson Mandela unified South Africa, we hope to unify Libya under this cup," Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Awad Ibrahim Elbarasi told Reuters. Last month, Libya said it would use all its resources to ensure that it kept the right to host the 2017 finals.

Construction of three stadia began already before the military conflict, as Libya were due to host the 2013 Cup of Nations initially. By 2011 large portions of the stadiums in Benghazi (45,000 seats), Misrata (23,000) and Tripoli (60,000) were delivered. Works are now expected to restart, but whether all venues will be finished in their initially planned form isn't clear.

"We will resume construction of these stadiums in June and have asked the government for a budget of 400 million dinars to build 11 stadiums this year," added Elbarasi.