Brasilia: Opening of Nacional delayed, FIFA concerned

source:; author: michał

Brasilia: Opening of Nacional delayed, FIFA concerned Theoretically it was due to open last Sunday, but construction works are still far from finished. To save the image of organisers at least the pitch was expected to be ready, but heavy rainfall blocked it. Now FIFA announces inspection intensification ahead of Confederations Cup.


Formally the new national stadium of Brazil (interestingly, FIFA refused to use the name 'Estadio Mane Garrincha' for their tournaments) was due on Sunday, April 14. This was caused by official FIFA deadline set for the day after.

However, it was clear for quite some time, that finishing main works in time is impossible. Not even half the seats are installed, roof is still in progress, not mentioning the infrastructure and electronics that await completion as well.

For publicity reasons at least the pitch was expected to be laid before April 14. Unfortunately heavy rainfall caused minor flooding and delayed works enough to spoil the plans. Though it should be ready within days, the field's slip caused increased interest from media worldwide and forced FIFA to react.

The football governing body announced intensifying their on-site inspections, first one being yesterday and next expected in two weeks time.

Actual opening of the new stadium is scheduled for May 18, when fans will be allowed inside for the first time, carrying out one of the two requested test-events before 2013 Confederations Cup. The tournament begins on June 15 at this very stadium.