West Bromwich: Stadium expansion postponed

source: ExpressandStar.com; author: michał

West Bromwich: Stadium expansion postponed It was due to be done by 2014, but now meeting this deadline sounds impossible. West Brom decided not to go forward with plans at this moment, though they assure it’s still their plan to go over the 30,000-seat mark. Express and Star reports.


During recent Annual General Meeting club executives presented financial results for the past year. West Bromwich Albion are doing well, as their turnover reached £66.7 million and profit at £1.5 million.

The stable financial situation should continue this year as WBA are very unlikely to even consider relegation zone this year. For a ‘yoyo club’, balancing between Premier League and Championship, that’s very good news.

Despite the promising perspective for upcoming season, chief executive Mark Jenkins announced that the club are currently not going forward with their plans to expand The Hawthorns. Though the club remain committed to get capacity above 30,000 eventually, this may not happen as soon as expected.

Just as a reminder, in 2011 Jenkins informed that the goal should be reached in 2014. With latest postponement it seems that 2015 is the soonest possible date.

Why isn’t the club using its current situation to pursue the plans?

“Locally, unemployment continues to rise and, despite significant reductions in season ticket prices this season, attendances are only up by about 300 per game, with average attendances at just over 25,000 and only once exceeding 26,000.

“Next season will see even more UK screened TV games, which will disrupt kick-off times further, while we still have excess capacity. Despite this we are still exploring opportunities to improve the stadium when demand arises.”

It’s expected that adding another tier to currently smallest west stand (and, possibly, its corners) should cost around £15 million. The part considered for expansion is signalled with red marking below.

The HawthornsPhoto: Express and Star