St Patrick's: Stadia among buildings turning green

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St Patrick's: Stadia among buildings turning green Over 70 buildings are officially listed by Tourism Ireland and expected to have green illumination tonight, celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. Three major stadiums are on that list.


Along with the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Sydney Opera House over 70 landmarks worldwide are turning their evening lights green tonight, celebrating Ireland's national holiday, Saint Patrick's Day.

First one to change colours was Friends Arena in Solna, new national stadium of Sweden. And it will also be the last to keep it, as the lights will remain green until March 22, when Sweden welcome Ireland at their stadium.

Allianz Arena

Two other venues are Allianz Arena in Munich and Anfield in Liverpool. The latter received special green lamps to change the mood, as it doesn't provide the kind of illumination two more modern venues do.

Last year's celebrations also included various stadia, among which Ireland's Euro 2012 host Poznan Municipal Stadium turned green.