India: Over a dozen poisonous snakes ejected from stadium

source: AP; author: michał

India: Over a dozen poisonous snakes ejected from stadium Indian cobras may be a pride of the nation, but once they enter the playing field, it’s still a pitch invasion. After the game of India’s leading club Mohun Bagan, staff had to throw out over a dozen deadly snakes, as Associated Press reports.


We already wrote that Indian powerhouse Mohun Bagan, with fanbase in millions, recently prefer to play outside the monumental Yuba Bharati Krirangan. The stadium’s dramatic standard is the reason behind leaving one of the world’s largest football venues.

Last Sunday’s fixture against Pailan Arrows was played in Kalyani, a town north of Kolkata. Upcoming matches are also expected to be staged here. But Kalyani, not being densely housed, is more vulnerable for wild animals interfering with everyday life.

Right after the Sunday game staff had to eject over a dozen poisonous snakes from the pitch. It is understood that the reptiles were hiding during gameplay and only decided to enter the field once players left and fans were heading for the gates afterwards.

The sudden urge to soak up in the afternoon sun is explained with recent heat waves that make snakes more active.

Despite this being nothing new in India, league authorities issued special instructions as to how to keep dangerous animals away from the stadium in future fixtures.