Perth: Giant stadium relocated yet again?

source:; author: michał

Perth: Giant stadium relocated yet again? Despite the concept being drawn back in 2007, one more turnabout may come in the Perth stadium saga. Relocation to a site planned previously is yet again brought up. Will the city get its stadium by 2018? – asks.


Mark McGowan, opposition Lapor Party leader in Perth, claims relocation of the new 60,000-seater from Burswood (west of the city centre)  to Subiaco (east, where current stadium stands) might bring significant savings and allow delivery of the stadium by 2018.

However Subiaco was already subject to analysis, just like Burswood, and proposal to rethink it yet again wasn’t taken kindly by all commentators. Sports Minister Terry Waldron used a 6PR appearance of his own to cast doubt on Mr McGowan's statement, saying if Labor won next month's election it would have to re-start planning the new stadium from scratch.

"The time for debate over where this stadium is has passed. The people of WA just want this stadium built," Mr Waldron said.

"They [Labor] would have to go back to where the Langoulant report finished and start planning again. It's a whole different ball game at Subiaco. I just don't think it's possible [to finish by 2018].

"I have serious doubts about whether there are any savings there and the disruption to football would be huge.