Italy: Cagliari finally having a home stadium?

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Italy: Cagliari finally having a home stadium? In what seems to be a breakthrough decision, court has overthrown Serie A's decision to relocate Cagliari's home fixture against Milan. The high profile match can now be played in Is Arenas, where the club set up a temporary stadium.


It's been a really tough year for Cagliari as the club couldn't find an understanding with local authorities and had to leave Stadio Sant'Elia several months ago. Since then widely criticised temporary stadium in Is Arenas became their home, but was stopped from hosting numerous games due to various concerns.

Stadio Is ArenasAfter leaving Sant'Elia Cagliari played some fixtures at Stadio Nereo Rocco. Their venue is still under construction (model on rendering, left), but was already agreed to hold some games. Without those of high profile, though. September AS Roma game was ordered to be played behind closed doors in is Arenas, but the club protested and allowed fans inside, resulting in a walkover for the away side.

Then December games were ordered to be played in Parma's Stadio Ennio Tardini and this Sunday's game was to be held in Turin's Stadio Olimpico. But as the Sardinian TAR court overthrew this order of Serie A authorities, Cagliari may finally host a top-interest game in Is Arenas. Is their stadium saga over?