USA: Bar-type standing terraces growing in the NFL?

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USA: Bar-type standing terraces growing in the NFL? An executive of the NFL predicts that future stadiums may be less about watching the game and more about a bar-type atmosphere of special decks with standing room. LA Times and NBC report.


As more and more new stadia are being built in NFL, questions over the future shape of these venues arise. Though attendances are very high, maximizing the ‘matchday revenue’ stream seems priority.

Late in the item comes an intriguing prediction about the configuration of future NFL stadiums, courtesy of NFL executive V.P. of business operations Eric Grubman.

“What if a new stadium we built wasn’t 70,000, but it was 40,000 seats with 20,000 standing room?” Grubman said.

“But the standing room was in a bar-type environment with three sides of screens, and one side where you see the field. Completely connected. And in those three sides of screens, you not only got every piece of NFL content, including replays, Red Zone [Channel], and analysis, but you got every other piece of news and sports content that you would like to have if you were at home.

“Now you have the game, the bar and social setting, and you have the content.  What’s that ticket worth? What’s that environment feel like to a young person?  Where do you want to be?  Do you want to be in that seat, or do you want to be in that pavilion?”