Sydney: ANZ Stadium to get retractable roof?

source:; author: michał

Sydney: ANZ Stadium to get retractable roof? Australia’s renowned Olympic Stadium from 2000 may be getting a significant makeover, if the operator succeed in plans announced this week. A transparent retractable roof over the pitch is on the agenda, Sydney Morning Herald reports.


ANZ Stadium is one of Australia’s most famous venues, capable of providing good sightlines for Australian football, rugby, association football and cricket – all thanks to retractable seating.

But now the stadium’s operator announced it’s time to think about retractable roof as well. It would be transparent to keep the ‘open air’ feeling, while keeping the pitch safe from rainfall.

The idea comes just a few days after cricket fixture between Australia and Sri Lanka had to be canceled because of a slight drizzle, not even heavy rainfall.

But such a move at a stadium of this size will surely be very costly and is estimated to require both public and private funding. New South Wales Minister for Sport Graham Annesley is currently nowhere near supporting the scheme. “In relation to any proposal for a roof at ANZ Stadium there is no current proposal before government, nor is there funding available at this point in time,” he said.