Scotland: Aberdeen still searching to relocate

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Scotland: Aberdeen still searching to relocate After last year's fiasco of the Loirston Loch stadium project, Aberdeen haven't been too keen to talk about their next steps. But now vice-chairman assures the club is still analysing chances to relocate, even if it would mean leaving Aberdeen, as STV reports.


Just as a reminder, Aberdeen FC has been attempting to leave their outdated Pittodrie Stadium for several years now. Being among the most important clubs from outside Glasgow, 'Rams' are seeking to improve their position with a new venue.

AFC stress that redeveloping Pittodrie would be as expensive as building anew. Moreover, the club are planning to sacrifice their decently located stadium for housing which is expected to bring extra revenue.

But what seemd to be a solid option was halted last year. Councillors vetoed agreement for a training ground that was conjoined with the planned stadium. Aberdeen FC have been very critical of the decision and still are, claiming that even a relocation outwith city boundries is taken into account.

But obviously the club are primarly focused on finding a new location in Aberdeen. Vice-chairman George Yule assured that even the failed Loirston Loch relocation will be given a second review for viability.

We shouldn't expect any decision shortly, though, as short-term priority is a new training centre for the club.