New constructions: Tijuana and Debrecen

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New constructions: Tijuana and Debrecen In Hungarian city of Debrecen works on demolition of the old stadium have just started. In Mexico, on the other hand, existing structure is being constantly expanded by new sections. Whatever way, both stadia will end up really well!


Estadio Caliente, Tijuana

Estadio CalientePhoto: Rodro85

Construction of the stadium where a public pond used to be started in 2007 and the Benue was opened in November that year. Initially with capacity at 13,333 people it had one tier of stands based on land slope, U-shaped, with northern end open. Already then it was clear that the venue will grow further.

In 2009 construction of the last, northern stand began. By 2010 the pitch was enclosed with one tier. Above the seats, in north-western corner, club owner decided to build a tower of skyboxes. The 5-floor structure was ready in 2011, with foundations for a similar structure in north-eastern edge also in place.

In early 2012 a second tier started growing over the newest, northern end. A massive terrace behind the goal was opened in summer 2012, allowing for works to move west, where additional skyboxes are being built to eventually conjoin with the lone tower in 2013.

When done, the stadium is to have skyboxes on both sides of the pitch, and 2nd tier terracing on both ends. Capacity is expected to reach 33,333 people, with rumours giving it even 40,000.

Nagyerdei Stadion

Nagyerdei Stadion

On January 29 2013 dismantling of the old Nagyerdei (translated as Grand Forest Stadium) commenced. The stadium is located just 500 meters north of another venue, used by Debreceni VSC. And it’s exactly DVSC, who are expected to move in once works end in spring 2014.

Contractors have just 15 months to build stands for 20,020 people (of whom 150 will be journalists, 50 – commentators and there are also 26 skyboxes planned).