Italy: Inter seeking partners for new stadium in Switzerland

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Italy: Inter seeking partners for new stadium in Switzerland Despite speculations that Chinese partner is most likely to build a new stadium for “Nerrazurri”, a Swiss company confirms club owner visited them to check availability and readiness for the project.


Internazionale’s owner and president Massimo Moratti visited the Swiss city of Logano in November. He met with owners of Mabetex, developer running grand projects in many countries.

“Moratti was with us to check the health of the company and to make a first evaluation of our availability to run the project. Talks are preliminary, no construction yet, but Inter are working in this direction” said Selim Pacolli, whose family runs Mabetex.

It isn’t clear yet, how the new venue would look or what features it may have. Attempts to leave San Siro are no secret, though, for a long time. A couple of years ago American practice Manica Architecture prepared an initial concept of 80,000-seat stadium for Inter, the rendering of which you may see below.

This most probably isn’t even close to what the club are working on right now, however. Current plans are said to foresee a stadium of 60-70,000 seats. Total budget may reach €550 million and be funded privately all the way.

Mabetex hasn’t got big experience in stadium construction, but the company declares venues of that scale are not a problem for them, with various larger buildings already in their portfolio.