Egypt: Thousands demand justice for 74 victims from Port Said

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Egypt: Thousands demand justice for 74 victims from Port Said From several hundreds to a few thousand people – depending on source this is how many people gathered in Cairo to demand justice in a trial that has heated Egypt for the last year. 74 people killed at Port Said Stadium still need to have justice, claim those gathered.


It will be a year in just several days, but the recovery after last year’s disaster is just beginning for hundreds of people – those present in the away enclosure of Port Said Stadium and families of people, who never returned home. After violence outburst 74 Al-Ahly supporters were killed, many of them teenage.

It’s still very difficult to try and recreate one complete version of what happened, especially with various, often emotional stories by those present posted online. But even reading the stories can make one shiver as claims of torturing, police conspiracy and scenes of forced suicide (with fan given choice to plunge down from the stands or be killed) are often mentioned.

Vast majority of victims, however, died of causes known for decades from various tragedies in Europe, South America and Africa. As panic forced crowd to run and crash against closed entry gates, people at the front had no space to breath. Mane head injuries were also reported, which may confirm claims of rock-throwing.

Before first year passes since the Feb 1 disaster, judges are expected to give their first ruling against 61 people accused of murder and 12 others (9 policemen and 3 host club officials) for complicity in the crime.

A week before court gives its ruling hundreds, or – judging by some releases, photos and clips – thousands of people appeared at Tahrir Square in Cairo to demand justice for the 74 victims. Families, friends and Al-Ahly supporters brought flares, photos and numerous flags, often with images of the ‘martyrs’, as they are regarded by many.