Warsaw: National Stadium set for volleyball?

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Warsaw: National Stadium set for volleyball? First volleyball game at Poland's largest stadium was to be played in September, but didn't happen. Plans are still in place, though. It may be a World League or 2014 European Championship fixture to be Poland's first major game in this discipline played at a stadium.


Plans to hold an exhibition volleyball game at Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw were first envisaged by Polish Volleyball Association (PZPS) president Mirosław Przedpełski this summer, during London Olympics. Polish side was thought to fight for medals and should they bring one from the Olympics, they were to match their final rival again in Warsaw, somewhere in September.

The team returned empty-handed and so no game was held. But that doesn't mean all plans have been scrapped. Przedpełski now hopes to hold one of the upcoming World League fixtures in front of 58,000 people, more than at any other volleyball match in Polish history.

Also the new stadium operator hopes to grab one of Poland's internationals. PL.2012+ company that will take over management of the venue in January 2013 is thinking of a different game than the Volleyball Association. As Poland is about to host the 2014 World Championships, PL.2012+ hope to bring the opening game to Warsaw. The capital city isn't on the host list due to lack of major indoor arena, but this one-off opening in a stadium bigger than all 6 halls put together may prove convincing for tournament organizers.

One issue brought up against this idea is distance between pitch and fans as the closest 1st row seat would be some 37 meters away and the furthest 1st row place – almost 62 meters. Visually it might look somewhat like this:

Volleyball at Stadion Narodowy