UEFA: Euro 2020 goes pan-European, final at Wembley?

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

UEFA: Euro 2020 goes pan-European, final at Wembley? Executive Committee decided today that Euro 2020 will be played in major cities of many European countries instead of single or joint country hosts. English FA took the opportunity and already offered Wembley for the final.


It is now official that Euro 2020 is to be hosted by cities all over the continent, after Executive Committee voted on the proposition earlier today. This is bad news primarily for Turkey who were the strongest announced bidders when the tournament was still to have one host.

No wonder that vice-president Şenes Erzik was the only Committee member to vote against during the Lausanne session. The rest followed the idea first suggested by Michel Platini in June.

The tournament may be held in 10 to 13 countries, depending on number and selection of host cities. Group games are to be played in a cluster model, engaging cities relatively close to one-another (as an example – 2 Spanish venues and 1 from Portugal).

Though the decision was announced just hours ago, English FA already started publicly promoting Wembley as host venue for the final game. Official bidding procedure is expected to start in March 2013 and end in 2014.

Worth keeping in mind, decision was made considering only one tournament, not a permanent change to the formula. Potential return to the host country mode in the future is probable.