Swansea: Planning application for 12,000 extra seats in early 2013

source: thisissouthwales.co.uk; author: michał

Swansea: Planning application for 12,000 extra seats in early 2013 Great news for Swans supporters as currently their home ground is unable to cope with high demand. The club are hoping to submit their planning application in February or March 2013 and increase capacity by over 50%.


Promotion to Premier League gave Swansea City the boost they needed to consider Liberty Stadium expansion. Though plans were discussed for some time, we had no details as to where the club are.

Now there’s one thing solid: a planning application for expansion of three stands (only main one on the west will be untouched) is expected in February or March of 2013. Increase in capacity is to slightly exceed 50% of the current size.

When would the works begin? This is surely the question on all supporters minds as Swansea City are sold out ever since they got back to the Premiership. Currently ranked 7th in the table, they’re even able to reach European football, but Swans officials are cautious and assure that retaining Premier League status is crucial for any works to start.

"We can do the east (stand) first probably if we want to, then decide on doing one of the other two or both at the same time," says Huw Jenkins, SCFC chairman.

"It's going to cost, and retaining Premier League status is vitally important. But there's additional money coming in via the TV revenues next season and we have got to make sure we use that wisely, that we do things that are right for the club for years to come.

"I don't know exactly when it would be ready, but I would say a build on the east stand would be started and finished within 12 months, maybe quicker than that."