Rome: New information on AS Roma stadium unveiled

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Rome: New information on AS Roma stadium unveiled During a special press conference yesterday club and contractor representatives confirmed location and estimated the time frame for a ‘stadium second to none’. Design is yet to be created.


An unusual press conference between Orlando (USA) and Italy took place yesterday, with representatives of AS Roma and Parsitalia Group. That’s the first important news – the club signed Parsitalia as project managers and contractors for their new stadium.

Parsitalia CEO Luca Parnasi estimated during the meeting, that the investment will bring much needed boost for Rome during times of economical crisis. The company plan to employ 1,000 people to bring Roma’s plans to fruition. Construction shouldn’t take more than 24 months.

As predicted earlier, Tor di Valle was selected as construction site, a place some 12 km south from Stadio Olimpico. “We considered more than one hundred areas, and thanks to our efforts with the City we reduced the number and finally settled on Tor di Valle. It will be a unique structure, one not inspired by others, but it will certainly take into account the experience of other situations.” – said Claudio Fenucci, Roma’s COO.

Project budget hasn’t been established yet, but the club estimates roughly that it should stay within typical cost of €3,000-3,500 per seat. With capacity at 55,000-60,000 seats, this means somewhere close to €165-210 million.

AS Roma hope to have their venue operable in mid-2016, for the 2016/17 season. To make it happen, construction needs to start in mid-2014 at the latest, hopefully even sooner. And before construction works start, a period of 1 year is needed for formalities. That’s a tight and ambitious schedule, but even without legislation on privately financed stadiums the club think it’s feasible. No public subsidies are expected for the stadium.