Moscow: Dynamo stadium costs halved

source:; author: michał

Moscow: Dynamo stadium costs halved Soon we should know the planned look of VTB Arena after design amendments. The ground will be smaller than anticipated and entire complex's cost is to fall by 50%.


Just a few months ago official price tag on the massive complex with new Dynamo stadium and hockey hall at the heart may reach $1.5 bln or even $1.7bln. This would cover both the unique venue (stadium and hall are inside the old one's bowl) and hotel, offices, appartments, shopping centre, sports academy and parking facilities.

Now all these facilities are to cost 50% less after savings are being made to the project. Its scale is now smaller as VTB Arena hasn't been shortlisted by FIFA for the 2018 World Cup. This means there is no need for a 45,000-seat stadium. Initial plans envisaged part of the stands being demountable, allowing decrease to 32,000, but it turns out architects went further, leaving only 27,268 seats in the end. Officials at VTB bank claim this is better for Dinamo, who don't draw crowds comparable to Spartak, CSKA or even Lokomotiv.

No final renderings have been released yet, but it seems we may expect major changes to the proportions. All of the third tier of seating is lost and roof structure now expected lower. All in all, the outcome may be a lot less spectacular than before, but savings are indeed impressive. Dropping the third tier alone saved some $100 million. Overall idea that new venues would grow like a 'blob' atop the historical facades of the old stadium is to be retained, of course.