Italy: Away-day instant star

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Italy: Away-day instant star He's not the first of his kind, but it seems no-one before him received so much media attention. One week he's just a supporter, the other he's giving interviews to overseas TV networks. While all he did was going to a football game.


Arrigo Brovedani is a wine merchant, which allows him to travel around Italy a lot. And since many clients know how much he loves Udinese, he's sometimes offered tickets to the club's away games, of course as long as his visit happens to correlate with Serie A calendar.

This time, when Udinese met with Sampdoria in Genoa, it wasn't that easy. He bought his own ticket through Sampdoria's ticket service (who, by the way, were very helpful), having to go through a two-week long 'Fan Passport' procedure before that.

He knew that there would only be a handful of Udinese supporters inside Marassi, but when he came to the stadium, he was informed that he's the only one registered. Stewards offered him a place in the main stand instead of away section, but he chose to go where he felt was his place.

Brovedani was thus the single Udine fan in the 4,000-capacity section. Alone, having only his small flag that he always carries in his car, wherever he goes. That didn't feel like a discouragement, apparently, as he gave his team the first 'Forza Udinese' as they came for pre-match warm-up. Locals at first had a laugh about how this looked, but later applauded his attitude.

Sampdoria's stewards brought him some tea, Sampdoria officials gave a match jersey and Sampdoria fans reportedly took him for a few drinks afterwards.His own team dedicated him the 2:0 away victory and offered an invitation to the presidential box for upcoming Palermo fixture at home.

This isn't where the story ends as he was first subject to news locally, then in domestic media, then internationally. It's been five days and he has already given interviews to the likes of Sky TV, The Sun or BBC, while news of his away trip travelled to all continents through global press agencies. While all he ever did was going to a football game.