Houston: World’s widest screen to be installed

source: nbcsports.com; author: michał

Houston: World’s widest screen to be installed It makes you want to think: what next? Because the new Reliant Stadium giant screen will be just 20% shorter than the football pitch itself. Expected to be delivered within the next 8 months.


One more reason for stereotype lovers to say that Texans have an issue with size – one more record is set to be broken by a Texas-based stadium, set just two years back by a different Texas-based stadium.

What used to be the biggest giant screen in professional sports (and largest HD screen ever), one hanging from the roof at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, is now going to be topped by Reliant Stadium’s new screen.

Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, which operates Reliant Stadium, has just approved the new investment that is supposed to boost the venue’s bid to host 2017 Super Bowl. A Mitsubishi video screen measuring 277x52 feet (or 84.5x16 meters) is expected to be fitted under the retractable roof by August 1, 2013. Instantly becoming the widest screen in sports ever.