Germany: Bundesliga stadium sponsor backs out

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Germany: Bundesliga stadium sponsor backs out They’re not treated seriously and consulted in issues directly associated to their naming rights, so they seek to terminate the contract as soon as possible. This decision of Trolli is a hit for SpVgg Greuther Fürth, for whom the naming rights deal was the 2nd most valuable sponsorship.


Talking to Germany’s leading tabloid Bild, Trolli owner Herbert Maderer announced his company attempts to back out of their naming rights deal with SpVgg Greuther Fürth whenever such a move is possible.

The deal signed in 2010, that changed venue name to Trolli-Arena, is according to Bild a crucial one for the fresh Bundesliga side, with value of some €1.5, lower than only one contract, with main sponsors of the club.

Reason behind this emotional decision is the attitude of SpVgg president Helmut Hack who, according to Maderer, doesn’t treat Trolli as equal partners even in matters directly associated to the naming rights deal, like the stadium’s redevelopment.

Maderer went as far as to declare he will not be going to SpVgg games until Hack is club president, despite being a local and having declared devotion for the club.