England: Netting suggested to secure players

source: ThePFA.com / StadiumDB.com; author: michał

England: Netting suggested to secure players After decades of removing barriers between players and fans a counter-proposition was made by PFA, footballers' organisation which fears players might not be safe enough. But members themselves don't all seem convinced.


Professional Footballers' Association (covering England and Wales) chief executive Gordon Taylor was speaking following the events of Sunday's Manchester derby, where Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand was struck by a coin thrown from the crowd. A Manchester City fan also ran onto the pitch to try and confront the England international.

According to Taylor introducing netting at some sections of stadiums (StadiumDB.com understands this means cheaper ones, with more vibrant audience) should be considered in order to prevent dangerous objects being thrown at players.

But the idea has soon been dismissed by Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini and team captain Vincent Kompany. They both claim such a move would take away the unique experience English football provides with almost no barriers between fans and players.

Michael Laudrup, current manager of Swansea City, shares their view. "I just think we have done so much going forward to trust the crowd to be responsible and just because one, two or three people out of 40, 50 or 100,000 do something, should we go backwards again? I really don't think so. Not for one coin, or one stupid person going on the pitch.” he says.