England: Darlington Arena comes back to life?

source: thenorthernecho.co.uk; author: michał

England: Darlington Arena comes back to life? The 25,000-seater that proved to be Darlington FC's doom has been abandoned this year as the club dissolved. But as it was bought by local rugby side, it's expected to start operating again soon.


Darlington Mowden Park, a rugby club with several years of failed attempts to build their own stadium, just bought Darlington Arena from the municipality.

They plan to stage first fixtures before current season ends. This is entirely possible as the pitch has been maintained despite venue losing its long-term tenant Darlington FC after the club dissolved earlier this year.

Mowden Park are hopeful to bring football back to the stadium as well, but not for a local team – they're in talks with Middlesbrough over potential fixtures of their U21 team.