Canada: Fireworks damaged roof of BC Place?

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Canada: Fireworks damaged roof of BC Place? Forbidden during football games, pyrotechnics at concerts are used quite commonly. And comfortably enough to be approved even in a completely covered arena like BC Place. But after they’ve hit the roof during Paul McCartney’s concert, some elements may need replacement.


World-famous singer Paul McCartney was giving a live performance at BC Place on November 26, first time since the new retractable roof had been installed. Membrane was closed for the gig, during which a surprisingly big fireworks display took place.

As McCartney was performing the classic “Live and let die”, dozens of fireworks were launched from behind the stage. Despite the show being approved beforehand, the fire captain present on site immediately ran towards organizers to stop the show as he saw how massive it was. Before he managed to get to those in charge, there was only a cloud of smoke left.

Or, actually, not only. Recent safety checks showed burn marks on fiberglass panels directly under the roof membrane, that surround stands in the form of a ring. Photos of the marks were sent to the manufacturer to determine whether they can be washed off or need replacement.

If the panels prove damaged, concert organizers will be asked to pay for necessary works. So far decision not to allow shows similar to that has been made, just as one to provide two fire safety officers as one proved insufficient.