Belgrade: Smaller club to build city's best venue?

source:; author: michał

Belgrade: Smaller club to build city's best venue? Though Crvena Zvezda has got big plans towards Marakana, new showcase stadium in Belgrade may be built somewhere else. Third biggest club OFK Beograd presents their plan to the city.


Omladinski Stadion, built 55 years ago, is dilapidating despite numerous attempts to renovate it. Most of these attempts were based on OFK Beograd appealing to the city to finance necessary works. But now they approach the subject with different intentions.

OFK have just suggested that the city, current stadium owners, transfers Omladinski to the club and it will start reconstruction process to build anew. Club officials still hope the city will participate in a tripartite company set specifically to erect the venue, consisting of OFK, Belgrade municipality and private investors.

The plan is to replace the 13,000-seater with completely new stadium that would become the city's showcase venue. It wouldn't outgrow Marakana or Crvena Zvezda's planned 'Red Star City', but since both Zvezda and Partizan were unable to implement their plans for years, OFK's plan may be an alternative for Belgrade.