Belarus: National stadium design to be revealed in January

source:; author: michał

Belarus: National stadium design to be revealed in January It won’t be bigger than current stands, but redeveloped Dinamo Stadion is to be more modern and meet new requirements. Shortlist of 5 concepts has been made from 20 competition entries and winner is to be announced in January.


As the Belarusian press agency BelTA reveals, design competition for redevelopment of Dinamo Stadion in Minsk is entering its final stage. Since November 10 there were 20 entries by architects from several countries and Alexander Petrov, Chief Architect of Minsk claims winners will be announced in January.

In his words, results of the first phase of the contest have been summarized. Two independent groups of specialists have been involved, including international experts. Five designs have been shortlisted, with the experts agreeing on three designs.

The second phase will be arranged for the three best designs. There are plans to start it in early January. The winners will have to comply with several additional conditions.

Aim of the competition is to select the most interesting vision for the future of the country’s key stadium. Its capacity is to be kept within existing limits of 40-41,000 people, but modern facilities are to be provided in accordance to new regulations by both FIFA and UEFA (Category 4 level is required).