Scotland: Rangers outgrew their league again

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Scotland: Rangers outgrew their league again Just after proving they’re still a powerhouse at home games, Rangers have done it again, this time for away fixture. Today they were to play against Elgin City, but won’t, because the host club sold way too many tickets to provide a safe event.


Though Elgin lies way up north, some 300km (190 miles) from Glasgow, many fans of Rangers were planning a trip to their biggest Third Division rivals Elgin City, just 2pts behind the Glasgow side.

Their plans have to be postponed and supporters are to be reimbursed, after the match was yesterday called off for safety reasons. This was a joint decision by police and league officials after it turned out too many tickets were sold.

It isn’t clear why Elgin City ticket office went to overdrive, but the ground at Borough Briggs had some 6,000 (or more, complete number isn’t known) people registered, while capacity of the two stands is 4,520.

Sell-out crowds aren’t a regular case here so there is a chance the club simply didn’t keep record, not taking overcrowding as a possibility. The club has launched its investigation into the matter, while the match is to be played at a later date.