Palestine: FIFA commits to rebuild stadium in Gaza

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Palestine: FIFA commits to rebuild stadium in Gaza They helped build it and renovate after one bombing, they will do it again. FIFA pledges to aid reconstruction of Palestine Stadium, destroyed in Nov 19 bombings.


During his stay in Brazilian Sao Paulo FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke assured his organization is willing to help with reconstruction works on Gaza’s Palestine Stadium that was bombed on November 19. The venue has at least one stand ripped out, severe damage was done also to an indoor hall nearby, leaving many people injured.

"We see it our mandate to rebuild football infrastructure which has been destroyed," Valcke was quoted as saying on "We will also rebuild the stadium in Gaza, which has been destroyed.

Palestine Stadium, sometimes called Palestine’s national one (though the national side plays at three venues), was bombed for the second time. First case was in 2006, when only the pitch suffered. Israeli army claim at least one rocket launcher was placed within the stadium, shooting at Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.