New stadium: 8km Stadionu

source:; author: michał

New stadium: 8km Stadionu Opened less than 2 months ago, it’s Azerbaijan’s newest stadium. Fresh enough not to have a permanent tenant yet, but old enough to have its first FIFA World Cup behind. Maybe it was a women’s under-17 tournament, but which country builds new stadiums for this kind of event anyway?


Construction started in April 2010 in the 8km district (8th Kilometer), east of Baku’s old town. This is where the stadium’s name comes from as it’s the district’s largest venue.

Despite its modest size it boasts 17 skyboxes that occupy much of the upper tier of seating. Extensive infrastructure leaves 200 seats for media representatives and 300 parking bays – a lot for a stadium that had to be built on the very small plot between two local schools.

It was opened in September 2012 by President Aliyev, just a week before its first international tournamentU17 Women’s’ World Cup. Eventually it is to house one of the Azerbaijani top league teams.