New construction: Stadion Čair

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New construction: Stadion Čair All over Serbia new stadiums are being built or renovated so it’s about time first construction site from this country gets a presentation here, at For starters we give you Niš, the country’s third biggest city.


The centrally located stadium in Niš (Nish) was first opened in 1963. But since that time hasn’t been through even one major renovation, so no wonder its condition began deteriorating to a stage at which the eastern stand had to be closed to the public in 1990s.

First concept for a revamped stadium in Niš was created back in 2004, but never came to fruition. One from 2010, very similar in terms of seating layout, was more lucky with demolition works on three stands (goal ends north and south and eastern stand) beginning in mid-2011, as planned.

Stadion Cair NiszView from summer of 2012. Photo:

First phase left the main grandstand untouched, allowing for constant football and athletic use of the ground during construction process. The prefab structures on three sides of the field were quite easy to erect and cheap (with budget of RSD925m or some €10m), but were not finished in the initial timeframe – by the end of 2012. Both ends were opened for the 2012/13 season, but eastern stand was delayed to 2013.

After first phase capacity is 18,157 with curved ends having 9,037 and the double-tiered eastern stand 6,966. When (or if) the main stand gets revamped, it is to resemble the opposite one, raising capacity to some 23,000. Interestingly, after all works are done, the ground will still retain its slender floodlight masts dating back to late 1960s.