Moscow: VTB Arena design scaled down

source:; author: michał

Moscow: VTB Arena design scaled down As it didn’t get on the final list of host venues announced by FIFA, VTB Arena no longer needs the 45,000 capacity. Architects are now scaling it down to save cost and improve comfort of remaining 33,000 seats.


As informs, the design of VTB Arena is currently being revised. This comes as result of the September decision by FIFA not to include this venue on the host list for 2018 World Cup. Although this was expected for months with Spartak’s stadium construction progressing rapidly, this forced to redesign VTB Arena significantly.

From the very start when Manica Architecture got on the job, the idea was to provide an arena for 45,000 people. This exceeded FIFA’s minimum of 40,000 thanks to some 12,000 temporary seats that were planned above 33,000 permanent ones.

Since the World Cup dream is over, the extra seats are needless – Dynamo can hardly expect following of 40,000+. This doesn’t mean only forgetting the temporary seating, but also reconfiguration of all remaining seats to increase comfort and decrease cost.

According to main sponsor of the venue, banking giant VTB, the whole complex with hotels, offices, shopping mall and smaller sports arenas is to be ready in 2017. The stadium itself (conjoined with hockey hall under the same dome) is to be operable from 2016.