London: Arsenal extended Emirates deal

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London: Arsenal extended Emirates deal It isn’t clear at this point how much of the new contract will go for stadium naming rights, but overall the deal with Emirates is worth £150 million and will see ‘Emirates Stadium’ at Ashburton Grove until 2028.


Opened in 2006, Arsenal’s new stadium from the very start had one sponsor. Commercial name of Emirates Stadium was always seen as one of the most valuable ever. For a 15-year deal Emirates had to pay £42 million (or 42% of the 100 million deal that included shirt sponsorship).

Now both sides agreed conditions to extend the deal for £150 million. At this point no details as to how the funds are divided were disclosed.

What is clear, though, is that Emirates will stay on Arsenal’s jerseys for 5 more years (until 2019), while their logos around Ashburton Grove are to remain until 2028, 7 years beyond the previous deal.