Germany: Stadium isn’t a zoo cage – protest in Offenbach

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Germany: Stadium isn’t a zoo cage – protest in Offenbach During their away fixture in Wiesbaden at least five supporters were injured after cutting their bodies on the fence separating them from the pitch. This caused outrage as they weren’t attempting to invade the field, but celebrating a goal of their side, reports.


Fan-ran initiative Stadionbau Offenbach addressed city, club and security authorities in Wiesbaden with appeal to dismantle elements of the fence surrounding away section inside local stadium, Brita Arena.

This comes after at least 5 people were injured during Kickers Offenbach away game recently. As the initiative emphasizes, those weren’t hooligans attempting to invade the pitch, but regular fans who spontaneously climbed the fence to celebrate a goal by their team.

Stadionbau Offenbach doesn’t call for complete dismantling of the fence, but asks to provide a safe solution that would not cause a threat to people who have no violent intentions. Steel spikes placed throughout the fence were found an aggressive and inhumane, comparable to a zoo cage for wild animals.

As many sociology and stadium management experts claim, creating a hostile environment inside stadiums, particularly in away enclosures, may itself cause/increase anxiety and potential of aggressive behavior from supporters, instead of decreasing this risk.