Warsaw: National Stadium to get out of the red in 2015?

source: Wprost.pl / IAR; author: michał

Warsaw: National Stadium to get out of the red in 2015? Surely no sooner, but even 2015 is just a loose estimate given by Sports Minister Joanna Mucha. According to her, for at least one more year the ground will still be a construction site, even if most of it is already operable.


After the Poland-England match scandal National Sports Centre (NCS) Chairman Robert Wojtaś has been sacked and replaced temporarily by Michał Prymas, former Vicepresident of the Poznan stadium investor. His work is expected to last only 2 months starting tomorrow, until the end of 2012

Prymas has a task of improving procedures at NCS and bringing good management practices to the company. This stabilisation is to establish good basis for yet another president, who is expected to be chosen in early 2013.

But even as management issues are getting resolved, there are more problems on the horizon. Many subcontractors are still awaiting payment as all three general contractors announced bankruptcy, accusing NCS of lowering payments in relation to the amount of work carried out. Battle in courts has began in recent months and is expected to intensify in 2013.

And if that wasn't enough, the National Stadium is far from generating profits. As Sports Minister Joanna Mucha announced yesterday, quoted by Radio Information Agency (IAR), it won't get out of the red before 2015, at the soonest.

“I expect to get to that stage in 2015. Surely it won't be 2013 as there are still investment costs to cover. I also don't think it could be 2014. We need to give the stadium some time to speed up so that it can generate revenues,” said Joanna Mucha.

Unexpected help might come from Polish FA (PZPN) as the newly-elected president Zbigniew Boniek is supposedly keen on bringing all official fixtures of the national team to Warsaw. With previous president Grzegorz Lato the team was rotating between all major stadia, depending on financial offers given by their operators.