Singapore: Largest dome in history going up

source:; author: michał

Singapore: Largest dome in history going up With progress visible nearly every day, Singapore’s super dome for new national stadium will reach its final size in 2013. Despite lower capacity of the venue itself, the roof will overgrow any other stadium.


Truss beams of white steel started appearing in Singapore skyline in Summer, though were expected to be visible a few months earlier. But now that they’re getting in place, Singapore Sports Hub can be sure of worldwide attention. Especially that numbers don’t lie.

Currently the largest domes stadium is that in Arlington, Cowboys Stadium. It’s two largest beams have a 275-meter span. In Singapore biggest beams are to spread over 310 meters, breaking the record. Quite an unusual achievement if we keep in mind, that Cowboys Stadium has double the capacity of Singapore’s new stadium (110,000 maximum compared to 55,000).

Deadline for the project in Kallang district is April 2014 and should be met as no information of problems at the site has been announced.

Worth remembering, the stadium isn’t only largest dome ever, it’s also the biggest public-private partnership project ever with value of the whole complex to reach some S$1.9 billion.

Most recent photos from yesterday afternoon can be found in our construction presentation. Enjoy!